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Wrestling is Alive and Kicking in the Duke City

a wrestler holding his championship belt.
DCCW Champion Thunder

It was a pleasant evening when I arrived at the Historic El Rey Theater. The energetic crowd was heading to the front doors, and I made my way into the theater to find a packed house full of enthusiastic New Mexicans ready for action. I thought to myself, “Welcome to Duke City Championship Wrestling,” and headed down to the floor.

Although it has been a while since I have been to a live show, and even longer since I’ve been to an indie production, this show was incredible. From the top of the bill to the epic tag-team finale featuring hometown

hero Hobo Hank, the crowd was electric and kept the Superstars of DCCW fed with high level energy of a full on WWE show. In short, the people of Albuquerque were amazing.

A clown looking wrestler looking out to the crowd.
DCCW Star Mr. Happy pleads with the crowd

It is going to take me a minute to learn all of the characters of the DCCW. But the ones who came out to greet the crowd afterwards (and some during) like Mr. Happy, Two Scoops, Eliza Haze, Mosh Pit Mike and Anjelica Risk were gracious and engaging. I can’t wait to interview this cast of characters.

Announcements were made for the next show, Countdown to Chaos, December 30, 2023 and 505X5 will have an interview booth setup to talk to the DCCW stars before and/or after their matches.

DCCW Champion Thunder defeats Dominous Muscea

Anjelica Risk (w/Veronica Vega) defeats Eliza Haze

Chris Watson defeats Charlie 50

Sid the Kid defeats Mex Plexx

Fonzi Deflaur defeats Enrique Gato

Mosh Pit Mike defeats Tommy Test (disqualified)

Valak Vile defeats Mr. Happy

Main Event:

Hobo Hank and Turbo Tony defeat Phoenix and Sid Young(disqualified due to referee interference by Charlie 50-video below--forgive the shaking, it was last minute and taken as a fan!)

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