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"The Southwest's Beloved Hobo Hank: Unveiling Joe Singer"

Wrestler Hobo Hank
Southwest's beloved Hobo Hank

"For our inaugural episode, we were determined to make an unforgettable entrance into the podcasting arena. Staying true to our 505X5 spirit, we decided to approach the second most celebrated athlete in the state (right behind the incredible Holly Holm) to be our very first guest. And, lo and behold, our efforts paid off!

You might recognize him from his appearances on E&C's Pod of Awesomeness or 83 Weeks hosted by the wrestling legend Eric Bischoff. Perhaps you've even caught a glimpse of him on the Vice Documentary Short "Local Legends." We're talking about none other than the endearing 'Hobo Hank,' who, in everyday life, goes by the name Joe Singer.

In this episode, we had the privilege of sitting down with Joe Singer, better known as Hobo Hank, to explore his fascinating journey in and out of the wrestling ring. Get ready for an engaging conversation with a true Southwest legend. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to our first episode as we chat with Joe Singer, the man behind the moniker 'Hobo Hank.' and co-owner of Duke City Championship Wrestling. Enjoy the show!"

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