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Embracing the World of Wrestling

I've been a wrestling enthusiast for as long as I can remember, and I'm not ashamed to admit it. My journey began in the days of black and white television, where legends like Bruiser Brody and Wahoo McDaniel reigned supreme. I watched in awe as the Von Erichs reached unprecedented heights of success, excess, and, tragically, fates even their father, Fritz, couldn't have foreseen. Those were the times when Joe Blanchard, the retired two-time NWA Texas Heavyweight Champion, and the mastermind behind Southwest Championship Wrestling, would scream in agony through the microphone as he witnessed his son, Tully Blanchard, taking a beating only to hobble down and join in getting beat down next to his son. Ah, family love.

Now, nearly 48 years later, I find myself marveling at the legacy that continues through generations. Joe's granddaughter, Tessa Blanchard, honors her family's name by being a top-tier competitor. It's a story echoed by countless second, third, and fourth-generation wrestlers, all of whom pay tribute to their family traditions and prove that professional wrestling is not only enduring but thriving. It has weathered the storm of total WWF/WWE domination and is experiencing exponential growth in the era of diverse television entertainment options. Today, we have NJP, AEW, WWE, ROH, Impact, and a growing roster of talents in DCCW, Duke City Championship Wrestling, right here in New Mexico.

Despite knowing that professional wrestling is, in many ways, a scripted male soap opera, I remain in awe of the athletes and the creative minds who catapult them into superstardom. As a writer, I can't help but admire the storytelling.

My journey in the world of wrestling took an exciting turn when I met Stephen Martinez, now a close friend, during our shared night job at a guard post. Born in the 21st century, Stephen and I bring a combined knowledge of the wrestling industry that spans generations. We've joined forces to share our passion for professional wrestling and deliver it to you through our podcast, 505X5 New Mexico Talks Wrestling. While wrestling remains our primary focus, we'll also cover the latest in sports news and more.

Join us as we expand our platform and bring our shared love for wrestling to a wider audience with 505X5 New Mexico Talks Wrestling.

Up the Irons!

Producer Dave

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